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I loved the material that came in and seeing the trends of what young people were dealing with. Daniel: We had to find a time that was after winter break that would give enough time for students to write essays — they get five weeks or so — then for us to read all of them, edit and publish them while school is still in session. Robbie: What are you looking for in submissions? One year there were many essays about Tinder, so we wanted to make sure one of the finalists hit on using apps for dating.

It should convey that information through storytelling, not through argument. Robbie: What common themes or trends have you noticed about millennial love? I often get the sense that college students are piecing together the little parts of their love lives that they need.

How to Write an Essay About Love: Tips and Topic Ideas

There can be sort of a dividing line between an emotional relationship and a physical relationship. Miya: There are many more forms of relationships now. Is this a relationship? Is it not a relationship? Does it have a rule?

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Does it not have a rule? It leaves a lot of room for confusion, but it also leaves a lot of room for good essay writing because people are trying to figure out what things are. Clara Dollar, who was a finalist in the last competition, wrote about her Instagram personality and how she was always trying to live up to that version of herself. In , Davis Webster wrote about never meeting up with someone on Tinder, but having this kind of virtual relationship.

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So at one end of the spectrum you have this no-strings-attached hookup culture, and then on the other side you have people connecting emotionally in a virtual world, but never meeting up. Daniel: It can be really hard to start over and reinvent yourself in college the way that many people used to because now your whole online presence trails along. Your followers are going to notice if you start to become a new person. Robbie: What is the reading and judging process like?

I read last time you all met up at the Seinfeld diner in New York.

Where else can you learn what it is like to be swallowed by a hippo?

Robbie: How does reading all of these deep personal essays in such a short time period affect you emotionally? Each person has something to say about this strong feeling.

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  8. By completing your short essay about love , you get your unique opportunity to share thoughts or ideas with others, challenge opponents to your word duel, and feed supporters with new suggestions to study in the college you want. Essays about love offer you a chance to encourage readers to think similarly, there are different levels to keep in mind when you form your strong argument and support it on several pages:. Think about your essay about family love to write down everything that comes to your mind and make good choices.

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    What type of love do you choose? Decide on the best type to investigate.

    How to Find Love

    Look through the results of your prewriting sessions to carefully highlight major points to include in your essay about love. To turn this paper into your cohesive or interesting piece of writing, narrow down your topic by choosing only one love type to focus on it. Some students choose friendship love to their special ones.

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    Others prefer to write about family love. Refer to your personal experiences if you want to tell readers that love is a mess, or describe love between children and their caring parents because it helps them face all obstacles. Link each essay element to its central idea.

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    Your next step is to find strong facts or other details to prove your overall message in this essay. Give a short list of elements to prove your statement. Why include your real-life experiences? Share personal anecdotes in this section. Use other effective tools to personalize it. When you get to your conclusion, sum up everything you say about love to prove that your major argument is well-founded. Describe love in your own words. Give readers your answers regarding:. Make several drafts to make it simple and error-free.

    Writing about love requires your full dedication or devotion, write from your heart to get amazing results. To submit your winning college essay, all you need to do is to follow the right pattern of its conclusion, body, introduction.