Blended skills and critical thinking throughout the nursing process

As the instructor, you have everything you need to develop your course, with easily accessible resources, organized by type or chapter, including: Lippincott Test Generator 1, test items Pre-Lecture Quizzes and answers in Microsoft Word New Detailed Lesson Plans Codeveloped by Laerdal Medical and Wolters Kluwer, vSim for Nursing Fundamentals helps students develop clinical competence and decision-making skills as they interact with virtual patients in a safe, realistic environment.

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With more than 12 hours of video footage, this updated series follows nursing students and their instructors as they perform a range of essential nursing procedures. Institutions can access them online. Lippincott DocuCare available via. Lippincott CoursePoint. This workbook offers step-by-step summaries of all of the essential skills covered in the textbook, in an easy-to-use format. See the full listing of Student Resources available in the front of your book. Contact your sales representative or our product support team 1- or techsupp lww. All of us who have been part of the writing of this text welcome you warmly to our profession and prize our role as your guides to excellent practice.

We have tried in this text to present in a readable and enjoyable format the scientific and technical knowledge you will need to design safe and effective nursing care. But we want to do more than prepare you intellectually and technically. So take a deep breath and dig in. Your patients are counting on you and so are we!

Get to know your patients by reading the chapter opening Case Scenarios. Narratives throughout the chapter refer back to these scenarios, helping you to consider how the chapter content applies to care of real patients. Unfolding Patient Stories, written by the National League for Nursing, are an engaging way to begin meaningful conversations in the classroom.

Before reading the chapter content, read the Learning Objectives. These roadmaps help you understand what is important and why. Create your own learning outline or use them for self-testing.

Review the Key Terms lists to become familiar with new vocabulary presented throughout the narrative. Look for them in bold type throughout the chapter and use the Glossary at the end of the book to review their meaning.

Pharmacology and the Nursing Process by Linda Lane Lilley -

Technology Alerts feature new technology in development that will likely be in place by the time students are practicing. By understanding as students that technology is always changing, they will be better prepared to embrace change later. Legal Alerts highlight important laws that affect nurses and are applicable to nursing practice. What course of action did the student take? Would you do the same? Reflect on how you would respond to similar situations while developing QSEN competencies. Learn how careful thinking can change patient outcomes. Like nursing care, careful thinking and reflective practice follow a process.

Study the Focused Critical Thinking Guides to gain skill in working through the step-by-step critical thinking process. Challenge yourself! Reflective Practice Leading to Personal Learning sections conclude most chapters in the ninth edition.

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Reflective practice is a purposeful activity that leads to action, improvement of practice, and better patient outcomes. It is about looking at an event, understanding it, and learning from it. Learning from reflection is not automatic; it requires a deeper understanding of how and why reflection contributes to the competence of the effective nurse. Start your practice by concluding each caregiving experience with a brief moment of reflection that identifies and celebrates the nursing skills used and targets skills that still need to be developed.

This practice can keep you from feeling overwhelmed by everything that remains to be mastered and yet strongly motivated to learn new skills. Throughout the clinical chapters, you will find many ways to help you visualize and understand the nursing process. Follow the step-by-step organization of the Nursing Process section to understand nursing responsibilities. Examine the Nursing Care Plan box often derived from the chapter opener cases to discover common health problems and the wide variety of independent and collaborative interventions that nurses manage. View the Concept Map from selected chapter opener cases to see how the nursing process can be visually represented when planning care for a patient.

Then use these tools to further develop your nursing process skills: Focused Assessment Guides with sample interview questions will help strengthen your assessment skills. Material related to nursing diagnoses is from T. Carefully follow the concise, straightforward, and simplified format of the nursing Skills that show both actions and rationales.

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Special considerations, delegation considerations, and documentation guidelines and samples are also included. Hand Hygiene icons in Skills and Guidelines for Nursing Care alert students to this crucial step that is the best way to prevent the spread of microorganisms. The term hand hygiene applies to both the use of antiseptic handrubs and hand washing with soap and water, and should be utilized according to the CDC guidelines for hand hygiene in health care settings.

Patient Identification icons in Skills and Guidelines for Nursing Care alert students to this critical step ensuring the right patient receives the intervention to help prevent errors. According to The Joint Commission , the patient should be identified using at least two methods. Nursing Alerts in Skills and Guidelines for Nursing presented in red text draw attention to crucial information in the steps of the skills.

Guidelines for Nursing Care outline important points to remember in practice and will help you gain competence in performing nursing skills. Learn not only to treat illness but also to promote the health and wellness of your patients. Check out the Promoting Health boxes, which include assessment checkpoints for specific health and wellness topics and suggestions for designing a self-care prescription. Use the Promoting Health Literacy boxes to help identify patients and families at risk for poor health outcomes and discover the key questions that all patients should ask their providers.

Read the scenarios in the Nursing Advocacy in Action boxes and learn how you can advocate for vulnerable individuals. Consider the special needs of the older adult with the Focus on the Older Adult boxes. These real-life stories demonstrate how nursing can make a difference in the lives of patients and their families.

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Shop Textbooks. Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Temporarily Out of Stock Online Please check back later for updated availability. Overview A comprehensive, introductory textbook, Fundamentals of Nursing presents basic professional concepts, clinical concepts, and clinical skills with step-by-step illustrated procedures.

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