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To be a disciple of Jesus they need to deny themselves, and take up their cross and follow him Free Essays words 1.

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Each must be willing to participate fully in the church to help spread the word of God and to promote Christianity. At Baptism and Confirmation Christians promise to follow the example of Christ in their everyday lives seeking to act correctly and do good. They also publicly declare their faith in God and they repent their sins. Free Essays words 1 pages. It can be seen that it is possible but can also be seen as impossible.

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The first question we must ask is what did Jesus intend. The first disciples were not perfect.

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In fact it means we should try to do better. We cannot give in to the temptations of modern life. I believe we can be a disciple today in the way Jesus intended.

It is Not Possible to be a True Disciple of Jesus in the Modern World

Although we live in a different world than the first disciples it is still possible to be a disciple the way Jesus intended Free Essays words 0. If it means following all Jesus' instructions to the Twelve exactly, then it is plainly impractical for a modern Christian to be a true disciple. For example, Jesus told his disciples in Mk. Some people are not good speakers, or may be unable to go around and tell everybody about Jesus Many people around the world find it hard, some different.

The first 12 disciples of Jesus had to make sacrifices as soon as Jesus called them.

Such as leaving their families, friends and possessions. Imagine someone telling you to follow them leaving everything behind.

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  • Now, if that was me I would probably just laugh at them and walk off. But I guess the way society has changed over the many years makes a difference on what sacrifices we would make today His life work was to solve the fundamental problem of humanities sin and to provide eternal life with the Father.

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    Jesus Christ demonstrated the way humans should live. He modeled behavior to the poor, the sick, the imprisoned, women, tax collector, to His friends.

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    He came to set the example of the way to live for Christians. Basically, Jesus life was an outline of how to live your own life. Jesus confirmed that you should love your neighbor as yourself Research Papers words 4. He wanted them to obey the laws of God, the Ten Commandments, and spread the word of God. Hope keeps us telling that tomorrow will be better than this.

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    Hope is optimism. Hope keeps us stay positive. As you know, our mind has lots of effects on our actions. If your mind tells you to stay strong on a path and not to lose courage, you will do so. So, hope gives a positive mind power. It generates an aura around you which protects you from the negatives.

    Impossible says I am possible

    This is why; hope will always be the essence of life. Hope helps us to ignore the sufferings of the present. When we stay positive about our future, and feel that we have to fight to win the problems, our probability to succeed increases. It happens because we fight trying to stay mentally strong and give our best efforts. Hope is a belief. You believe something good will happen. The intensity of this feeling can really change your present and future. Remember that our subconscious mind is the most powerful thing on this earth.

    With its help, you can make an impossible possible, or win a war, for example. A true hope or belief is unbreakable. There are many theories regarding the pure definition of hope.

    Just ask yourself — what you belief.