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This is exactly how the real inhabitants of small towns across the United States would have experienced the war.

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I feel like a spy in disguise as I walk the streets of Frenchtown, hidden behind the scarf and the bandage, making my way through the chilled morning, pausing on the corners, watching the people come and go, and then moving on when I feel their eyes on me filled with either pity or curiosity.

What does this extract tell us about how Francis feels, and how he is seen by others?


In this passage it is clear that Francis feels alone and cut off from the community of Frenchtown. He is physically different from other people because of his injuries and the necessary disguise, but he is also psychologically different because he has experienced the horrors of war, represented by his terrible injuries.

He feels like a spy because he is on a secret mission to kill Larry LaSalle and he is lurking on the streets trying to gather information about him.

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The fact that the morning is chilled is significant. The use of pathetic fallacy suggests that Francis is frozen out of normal, human life.

People look at him with pity, which shows that they feel sorry for the returning soldiers who are injured, but also they feel curiosity, wanting to see those injuries behind the disguise. A made up story about real or imaginary persons or events. Setting-The setting of "Heroes" is in a small town called Frenchtown.

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It is set in the early s during the Second World War. Everyone knows each other in this town because it is so small. There is a historic site in French town called the Wreck Center, it is supposed to be haunted, so therefore no one will go there. Even the adults are afraid to go near it!

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Francis is an eighteen year old who has no face. He is a very shy person. However throughout his epic journey to find his true identity, he proves the roles to be reversed. At the start of his story Adam has no idea that he is truly Paul Delmonte in clever disguise.

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He is your average student; he is shy, slightly awkward, but he cares fiercely for those he loves the most. When he first discovers that something is amiss in the sheltered bubble of his life, he refuses to ignore the urges to find the truth. It could all be explained easily.


But he had to open the envelope. He had to find out. This willingness to accept the challenges before him is a characteristic exhibited in any great hero. Although the circumstances Adam has found himself in are less than favorable, he takes it maturely and with strength and courage.

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Amy entertains Adam and herself by pulling off Numbers, which are well- planned and elaborate pranks. Crandall, a hated teacher, up the wall by sending him anonymous love letters, passionate letters obviously from a student. The Amy Hertz: giving the letters a definite masculine tone so that poor Mr.

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No great heroes journey would be complete without a herald, mentor, and threshold guardian. Adam discovered several pieces of information before he met these characters and the bulk of his journey began. David was reluctant at first to share the true identity of the Farmer family with his son.

As any father would, he wanted to protect his son from his past for as long as possible. Once David realized that Adam knew just enough to make him a liability, he realized it was time to tell his son the truth. But Adam also asked questions, a hundred, a thousand it seemed. The boundaries set up to protect the family from the past were created with good intentions, but when Adam became old enough and wise enough it was time to pass these guardians and face the real danger.