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The Practice Test subtests contain core items that count toward your score and experimental items that do not count toward your score, in the same proportions as on the actual PCAT. Taking the Practice Test— In order to simulate the actual PCAT, you will want to have the following available when you take the PCAT Practice Test: Scratch paper to use throughout the test Periodic table for the Chemical Processes subtest listing atomic number and atomic mass for each element Standard non-scientific calculator to use for the Biological Processes, Chemical Processes, and Quantitative Reasoning subtests Diagnostic Score Report— At any time while using a Practice Test, you may choose to score an individual subtest.


A separate Diagnostic Report is produced for each of the four multiple-choice subtests and for the Composite score the four multiple-choice sections combined. Sample Practice Test Diagnostic Score Report Each Subtest Diagnostic Report displays an approximate percentile score range for the subtest to show how your score compares to scores of other examinees from the same reference group used to determine actual PCAT percentile ranks.

The Diagnostic Report also lists the number of questions for each specific subject area within a subtest and shows the number and percent of questions you answer correctly for each, which identifies your strengths and weaknesses.

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Once you choose to score a subtest, you will be able to continue to review the questions and print out a Diagnostic Report as many times as you wish from your date of purchase until April 30, , when the current annual test cycle ends. However, you will not be able to score any subtest more than once. Each Writing Practice Test consists of one prompt that has appeared on the actual PCAT, space provided for you to compose an essay, and a printable Score Report with your score displayed on a scale from 1—6 along with a brief description of what the score means.

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When taking the Writing Practice Test, you will first be presented with a prompt i. You will then be able to compose an original essay suggesting a solution to the problem stated in the prompt in an online environment similar to what will be presented on the actual test. A timer is provided should you choose to simulate the minute session like the actual PCAT.

After you complete and submit the essay, your writing will be analyzed and scored electronically, with results available almost immediately. Your essay will be rated on the same 1—6 scale that is currently used to score the actual exam.

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The automated scoring used for the Writing Practice Test generates a single score, rather than a score that is an average of two manually determined scores, as you will earn for your essay on the actual PCAT. Your Writing Practice Test score thus represents a general suggestion of your writing performance relative to the criteria used to determine the PCAT Writing score.

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Each Score Report displays an earned score and a one-word score descriptor, along with a detailed description of the earned score in the form of the scoring criteria that the score meets. After completing your essay, you may choose to score it at any time during the current annual test cycle.

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You will be able to continue to review the essay and print out a Score Report as many times as you wish from your date of purchase until April 30, , when the current annual test cycle ends. However, you will not be able to score any essay more than once. This Study Guide contains over pages of detailed information about the structure and contents of the PCAT and provides examples of test items for each content objective assessed. The entire PCAT test blueprint is included to provide a complete overview of the specific content objectives assessed on the test.

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A detailed description of each of the Writing subtest score points is provided, along with examples of complete essays that illustrate each score point. Forty-eight sample test items are provided for each of the four multiple-choice subtests, including at least one example of each specific content objective assessed, along with a detailed explanation of the correct answer for each sample item. Includes Canada and overseas US military bases. The ACT Test.

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