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Using the right technologies can help to solve this paradox.

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Read our white paper to learn more. Research sites are critically important to the development and testing of new therapies. They help bring new treatments to patients—and provide the reliable data that stops the development of unsuccessful projects. BulletinHealthcare ran an analysis of their audience of verified physicians, and found that they can reach 40, physicians who work in teaching hospitals that do not allow pharma reps access. Download the whitepaper to see where. As clinical trials become more complex and increasingly global, the problem of over-distributing expedited safety reports to investigative sites has reached the point that demands a solution.

The emergence of digital pathology presents an opportunity for central laboratories to support highly targeted therapeutics and precision medicine even further, offering many advantages to both diagnostic and clinical trials testing. Ensuring a patient-first strategy drives real results in commercial pharma Does patient centricity work? Actually, yes. Cell and gene therapies coming to market hold the potential to redefine every commercialization paradigm — from how products come to market, to how the therapies are transported, to how patients and providers are supported.

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White Paper Definition

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The Case for a Clinical Data Strategy. Patient Centricity on Trial. Safety profile of the analgesic Trezix, containing the mild opioid dihydrocodeine. Achieving launch excellence in the challenging health markets of today.

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Stick to Your Story. Three reasons why patient engagement is your secret weapon to study success. Precision Medicine: A Glossary of Terms.

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  5. Supporting adherence to oral anticancer treatments: Key components of successful adherence interventions. To edit your content, read it backwards. First, read the last sentence, then the second-to-last sentence, and so on. This is a tedious process but it can help you catch missing or superfluous commas and spelling errors because you are able to read for grammar and punctuation without your mind jumping through the ideas and flow of the paper. Use your content — Now that your content is written, use the white paper as a call-to-action for other marketing activities.

    This shows customers you can provide more expertise in specific technical areas such as a product feature, industry trend, or technical process. For more helpful tips on how to create compelling content targeted towards engineers, download our free guide, Smart Marketing for Engineers. Creating smart marketing to promote the innovations of our world's leading engineering, science, and technology business leaders.

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    Marketing Planning. Content Marketing. Web Design. Pipeline Management. Blog Contact. By Hollie Nishikawa. Assuming your website content is already developed, the next types of marketing content you should tackle include: One-page flyers detailing products or services Product data sheets Technical white papers Presentations Customer case studies Application-specific web landing pages Short, how-to videos The following guidelines discuss how to create white papers.

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    White Papers White papers are a source of valuable technical content for your audience that can position you as an expert in a specific field. The following five steps can help you write and effectively use white papers: 1. Previous Blog Home Next. Hollie Nishikawa.